Pattern of SET Papers

In the state of Maharashtra, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has authorized the University of Pune as the state agency for conducting the SET examination.

Maharashtra SET examination is conducted in 29 different subjects and the examination has three papers.

Paper I, which is common for candidates belonging to all groups, is to test the teaching and research aptitude of the candidates. This paper will have objective type questions which include questions from communication, reading comprehension, logical reasoning, etc…

Paper II, differs according to the subject taken up by the candidates from the 29 different subjects. This paper will also have objective type questions from the master’s degree acquired by the candidate.

Paper I and II will have 50 objective type questions and these papers are conducted for 100 marks each for duration of 75 minutes each.

Paper III will also differ according to the master’s degree of the candidates and this paper will have short and long answer questions from the subject taken up in the master’s degree by the candidates. Paper III is conducted for a duration of two hours and thirty minutes for a total of 200 marks.

Recently, the structure of paper III has been revised. According to revised pattern, paper III will have 26 questions, which are divided into four sections. The details of the sections are given below:

Section I: Here, five questions will be asked from the given paragraph and the candidate will be required to write for a length of 30 words each. For this section, the total mark allotted is 25.

Section II: This section will have 15 questions for which the candidates has to answer in definitional format for a total of 75 marks.

Section III: This section is conducted for total of 60 marks and the candidates will have to answer 5 questions.

Section IV: This section will have one essay type question for 40 marks.


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    i wish to appear for set this year can i have some previous year’s solved papers for practice on social work(labour) thank u

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    paper iii

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    i wish to appear for set/NET this year can i have some previous year’s solved papers for practice on social work-I,II. thank u